WAYNESVILLE, Mo. – Former Texas County Sheriff James Sigman received 3 years supervised probation and a fine for forging an employee’s timecard in 2018.

Jennifer Tomaszewski, who was Sigman’s girlfriend at the time, also received 3 years supervised probation and a fine
in a related case.

In his comments, Judge John Beger said that never working in law enforcement again and losing the trust of Dallas County factored into the punishment.

The pair appeared in Pulaski County Circuit Court today on a change of venue in a case that originally charged the pair each with eight counts. All counts aside from the forgery charges were dismissed during their trials in September.

The forgery charges involved approving a timecard for Tomaszewski for hours she didn’t work.

It was stated by an investigator who testified that phone, class, and work records didn’t match up. Which came together to try to show Tomaszewski wasn’t at work when she said she was.

In the end it was determined by Judge Berger that there was enough evidence to show that Sigman and Tomaszewski knew the timecards were false.


The charges that were all dismissed except the forgery charge against Sigman and Tomaszewski were:
-First Degree Assault
-First Degree Robbery
-First Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child
-Unlawful use of a Weapon
-First Degree Harassment
-Misuse of Official Information By a Public Servant
-False Impersonation

Don Trotter, a specially appointed prosecutor out of Lawrence County explains most of these offenses were led by Tomaszewski while the sheriff allowed them to happen.

“Grand jury indicted both persons,” Trotter says. “He aided her or helped her to be able to do the crimes she committed.”

For example, the probable cause statement says it was back in 2016 when Tomaszewski was a jailer, the sheriff allowed her to wear a uniform indistinguishable from that of a deputy’s and carry a deputy’s weapon.

The statement says sometimes she was armed with a Glock and other times she carried the sheriff’s AR-15.

The statement also alleges it was while working a search warrant with sworn deputies, Tomaszewski, still a civilian pulled a gun on a group of bystanders who were filming and taking pictures of the officers. Eventually, the statement says, she took one of their phones at gunpoint.

“Again Sheriff Sigman was acting in concert on that,” says Trotter. “He wasn’t the actual actor.”

The allegations continue, noting that in February of 2018, Tomaszewski assaulted an inmate identified as ‘A.W.’, who the probable cause statement notes have “the mental capacity of a nine-year-old child”.

The statement says it was during the altercation that A.W. was rendered unconscious, possibly due to a “choke hold” placed on him.

Deputies reported seeing Tomaszewski strike A.W. in the face with her elbows, while A.W. was “completely unconscious”. Sigman is said to have been nearby.

One deputy quoted in the statement said “If we hadn’t been there, they would’ve killed that boy. He was completely unconscious and his lips were turning blue.”

Finally, the statement says Sigman allowed Tomaszewski to bring a child into the jail facility on multiple occasions around unsecured inmates.

The document says that child even fed inmates at lunch and ate with two inmates in the jail kitchen. One of those inmates was said to have been a sexually violent offender.