KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Forbes released a list of the top ten earners in the NFL both on and off the field and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is in the top-five.

Mahomes ranks fourth overall behind Tom Brady (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Matt Stafford (Los Angeles Rams) and Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers).

All players in the top-10 are quarterbacks and earn a combine total of $489.2 million.

On the fieldOff the fieldTotal
Buccaneers – Tom Brady$30 million$45 million$75 million
Rams – Matt Stafford$61.5 million$4 million$65.5 million
Packers – Aaron Rodgers$42 million$11 million$53 million
Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes$29.5 million$22 million$51.5 million
Bills – Josh Allen$47 million$4 million$51 million
Browns – Deshaun Watson$45.7 million$500,000$46.2 million
Vikings – Kirk Cousins$40 million$2.5 million$42.5 million
Broncos – Russell Wilson$24 million$14 million$38 million
Cardinals – Kyler Murray$30 million$3.5 million$33.5 million
Cowboys – Dak Prescott$20 million$13 million$33 million

Mahomes makes the third-lowest ($29.5 million) on the field of the top-10, but the second-most ($22 million) off the field.

The Chiefs quarterback’s endorsements stretch from Coors Light to Whoop to Oakley and he has ownership in Kansas City professional sports franchises Sporting Kansas City and the Kansas City Royals.

The Texas native also owns a part of KMO Burger who will franchise several Whataburger locations in the metro area.

Mahomes even has stake in an NFT company after partnering with Dapper Labs to promote NFL All Day.

This offseason, he joined three of the top-five earners in “The Match“, a celebrity golf match between Mahomes & Allen and Brady & Rodgers.

When the 2018 NFL MVP signed his record-breaking 10-year extension, he instantly had the biggest contract in NFL history at the time worth up to $503 million.

Since then, several other quarterbacks, including Rodgers, Murray, and Watson have signed huge deals, leaving Mahomes’ contract as the fourth highest average annual value in the league at $45 million.