SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – La Chiva Colombiana is one of several food trucks parked at Route 66 Food Truck Park. But with the park up for sale, La Chiva Colombiana is looking for another stop.

“I thought it was going to be kind of slow because this is new food for Springfield,” Owner Nichol Bonilla said. “Sometimes people can look at the menu and they don’t know what they want so they just leave. We thought it was going to be pretty slow and also because it was going to be cold, but it’s been really good.” 

La Chiva Colombiana serves Colombian food. Nichol, along with her two brothers, runs the food truck.

“We started the 14th of November,” Nichol said. “We’ve been having really good comments about [the food]. They really like it. We also have like vegetarian food. We can make empanadas.”

La Chiva Colombiana wanted to make their food truck unique.

“We decided to buy a school bus because we see a future,” Owner Jesus Bonilla said. “My brother, he actually built it all himself.”

The Bonilla’s have lived in Springfield for six years. They’re hoping to create a bigger sense of community for Colombians.

“We want to make more food trucks like this and in the future, having a restaurant,” Nichol said. “We also want to move like, I don’t know Glenstone, but I feel like a good location so we can have new customers.” 

“We’re going to keep going,” Jesus said. “We’re not just going to be here. It’s going to be all the place in Springfield Missouri.” 

Route 66 Food Truck Park will stay open until the property is sold.