MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. — Firefighters responded to a fire that broke out at The Event Center at the Town Square in Mountain Grove.

“This is a bad deal right here,” said Jason Wilson, Mountain Grove resident. “This is probably the worst I’ve seen in Mountain Grove.”

Fire crews received the call around noon on Tuesday regarding an explosion that turned out to be a roof collapsing. According to officials, the roof on the back of the building collapsed and landed on the restaurant next to it.

“Matteo’s just opened it up in June,” said Tim Schook, City Administrator. “[It’s] a real good family spot.”

Matteo’s Pizza on the Square didn’t receive a lot of smoke damage. However, the buildings that were impacted were the Event Center, Word’s of Faith Life Church, and Stone Cottage Bakery and Café. The buildings were a part of a rebuilding phase.

“These businesses were really a part of the kick-off of it,” said Schook. “Getting them going and keeping them going were very important to us.”

Crews worked to keep the fire contained in the church but at 4:15 p.m. the front of the church collapsed. The bakery has severe smoke and water damage. No one was in the buildings when the fire broke out.

Fire crews suspect when the wall collapsed in the Event Center, it caused an electrical fire.

Due to hot temperatures, around 25 firefighters got overheated. Other emergency crews brought aid to fire crews on scene.