WARSAW, Mo. — The United States Department of Justice has released the names of two men involved in an incident with FBI agents in Warsaw, Missouri.

A news release from the DOJ said Bryan Perry, of Clarksville, Tennessee and Jonathan O’Dell, of Warsaw, were arrested and charged Friday.

Records from the FBI accuse Perry and O’Dell of posting videos on social media about shooting immigrants, and they accuse Perry of making threats against the government. The FBI also said Perry admitted to shooting at FBI agents when they executed a search warrant Friday morning.

Perry is charged with one count of transmitting a threat across state lines to injure another person, one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and one count of forcibly assaulting an FBI agent with a deadly weapon.

O’Dell is charged with one count of transmitting a threat across state lines to injure another person and one count of unlawfully possessing a firearm.

The release from the DOJ said the FBI executed a search warrant on O’Dell’s home on Oct. 7 and arrested both O’Dell and Perry. Both are being held in federal custody.

The social media posts that led FBI agents to serve a warrant in Warsaw Friday

According to an affidavit from the FBI, agents received a tip in September that a TikTok user posted a video about conducting a violent attack on the United States. The user said they were ready to “go to war against the government” and “grab my rifle and go to DC and take this country back physically.”

The FBI said this person was looking for others who had guns and could join his efforts. Investigators said this tip was related to an investigation being conducted on Bryan Perry by the FBI’s division in Memphis, Tennessee.

The FBI used information from TikTok, Yahoo, and AT&T to link the account that made the posts to Perry. Agents said they discovered more statements allegedly made by Perry that discussed traveling to the U.S.-Mexico border to shoot migrants.

Agents then reviewed Perry’s phone records for numbers he used frequently, and that led them to Jonathan O’Dell. Investigators were able to find O’Dell’s address and learned he lived in Warsaw, Missouri.

Investigators also used Google Maps images of the home where O’Dell lived to match it with the background seen in some of the threatening TikTok videos.

According to FBI records, a different TikTok account allegedly showed O’Dell talking about leaving for the southern border, and in the comments, the FBI said O’Dell mentioned leaving for Texas on Oct. 4. The FBI said those videos also showed O’Dell holding a gun, which he is not allowed to do because of other charges he faced.

On October 2, an undercover FBI agent called O’Dell and said he wanted to get a group together to secure the border. According to that undercover agent, O’Dell told him, “if someone pops over the border, they’re getting dropped right then and there.”

FBI records said the next day, Perry posted a TikTok video saying they were going to Texas on Oct. 8, allegedly saying, “we are going down there and we’re taking this country back.”

According to the FBI, a confidential source recorded a conversation with Perry, during which Perry allegedly said he had plans to head to Washington, D.C. after his mission at the southern border.

Shots fired in Warsaw when the FBI executed a warrant

On October 7, 2022, the FBI executed a search warrant at O’Dell’s home in Warsaw.

The FBI’s affidavit said the agents approached the property with red and blue lights on and with sirens activated, and an agent used a loudspeaker to state the FBI had search warrants. After repeating the announcement, the FBI said gunshots were fired from a window of the house at the FBI vehicle. An estimated eight or nine rounds were fired. FBI agents did not return fire, according to the report.

Agents said Perry walked out of the home, as if to surrender, then turned back around, but agents were able to take him into custody.

According to the FBI, Perry admitted to firing the shots and told a special agent that no one else did the shooting and that he “own[s] it.”

FBI agents said Perry admitted he intended to go to Texas with O’Dell.

Agents said O’Dell denied making any threats but did admit he was not supposed to own guns. Agents said when they searched the home, they found a shotgun in a bedroom. Perry was also not allowed to have guns.

Another person was at the home when the warrant was executed and allegedly told FBI agents that before the shots were fired, Perry asked O’Dell if O’Dell wanted Perry to shoot them.