SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– For a lot of families in Missouri, there’s no guarantee where their next meal is coming from. But, this Thanksgiving, dinner’s being delivered – courtesy of Millsap Farms.

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Millsap family delivered 90 baskets of food to these families in need. Each of the baskets contains everything you’d expect from a classic Thanksgiving spread. Local farms and personal donors came through with the donated goods to fill the boxes.

The Millsap’s teenaged daughter, Emma, hatched this idea last year. Her sister, Anna, helped make the plan a reality in 2020.

Emma says the inspiration for her mission came from a couple of places: A food-pantry-operating friend, and the Bible.

“[The book of Luke] tells us not to invite our friends, brothers, or sisters when we have a feast, but to invite the crippled, poor, lame, blind… because they won’t be able to repay us,” Emma told Ozarks First.

“And they won’t invite us to a feast next time they have a feast. So I was inspired by that and how [I could] have a feast for them that I won’t get paid back for.”

Emma says you can expect to see more of the same around Christmas. She adds, you can watch for a fundraiser link on her Dad’s Facebook page.