SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Chad Blackard has been preparing to enroll his child in school.

But after possible threats at area schools, Blackard is left with concerns.

“No parents should have to worry about the safety of their children when they’re at school. That’s the one place I don’t think anybody should,” said Blackard. “I think we’re, we’re at a point in time where you have to I think if you don’t, you know, you’re kind of leaving your child in the dark at this point.”

In the past week, schools in Springfield, Buffalo and Nixa all received threatening calls, causing law enforcement officials and school administrators to lockdown schools. 

The calls at all three schools were hoaxes, but for Blackard, he says these calls are getting out of hand. 

“It’s an overall traumatic experience,” said Blackard.

With each of these false reports under investigation, officers have to treat them as if they are a real threat, which can be deadly in some cases.

“I feel like they probably have their hands tied with this because you have to take every one of these reports seriously,” says Blackard. “You can’t, you know, screen phone calls to determine what’s real, what’s not real.”

Many parents say they are having to discuss what to do in these situations with their kids while also looking into other schooling options if the problem continues to grow. 

School officials say parents should encourage their kids to speak up if they notice anything strange or wrong at school.