FAIR GROVE, Mo. — Multiple people on Facebook have shared and re-shared a document accusing the Fair Grove Schools Superintendent Mike Bell and the administration of showing favoritism and creating a hostile work environment for teachers and staff.

The Fair Grove School Board meeting drew a crowd tonight, and while some tell OzarksFirst the entire story isn’t being told, others say the administration treats students unfairly and many teachers have left the district due to mistreatment.

“I’ve had several former and current teachers and students reach out to me with their concerns,” said Kassie Blakey. “Thanking me for posting it and being bold enough that, you know, they’ve been with the scare tactics. They haven’t been able to get their voice hear because there’s always shut down.”

Blakey is a Fair Grove alumna who has children in the school system, and said she’s concerned about the district’s future:

We have children here who need to, they need a good education. They need someone who’s going to lead them down the right path. And we currently have someone who is robbing kids of their opportunities to be able to excel in sports and educationally because they don’t know the right people.

Kassie Blakey, Fair Grove parent

Blakey isn’t the only person speaking out.

Sarah Lewis’s kids have graduated from Fair Grove, but she said teachers and coaches have been met with scare tactics in the past.

“We have a basketball coach who took the team to the state championship,” Lewis said. “She’s now left our district because of some hostile work environment and tactics from some of the administration.”

Ariana Wrinkle, who was previously a student in the district, claims the school administration has favorites.

“They pick and choose students that they want to, like, excel,” Wrinkle said. “And then they have the students that they try and hold back.”

Superintendent Bell said he legally can’t comment on anonymous complaints regarding personnel issues.

“We are aware of the anonymous complaints. We have and will continue to comply with the legally in investigation, the protocols that some with these complaints when they’re warranted,” Bell said.

“I think the vast majority of complaints have been anonymous because I think that we have a fear based on the intimidation and the, inequality of our teachers and our coaches,” said Lewis. “I think that there is fear that, you know, if you speak out and they know your name, then what happens to your child?”

Others told OzarksFirst that Fair Grove was once a great district and they want to see it that way again.