SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Ozarks Technical Community College announced it was the victim of a cyber fraud incident that robbed the institution of nearly $900,000 this spring.

The college contacted law enforcement once the fraud was discovered. According to OTC, the loss of funds will not impact students, classes, or any college operation. The college said it never lost control of its data and no personal information was lost.

According to OTC Chancellor Hal Higdon, OTC is conducting a thorough review of the incident and is continuing to cooperate with law enforcement.

“We can’t provide all of the specifics at this time,” Dr. Higdon said, “but it appears the criminals succeeded in impersonating one of our vendors online and directed payments from the college into a fraudulent account.”

Since the investigation is ongoing, authorities have requested that OTC not disclose any details including which agencies are involved.

“We will provide a more complete accounting of the incident as soon as we are able. Although the blame for this incident rests squarely on the criminals who committed this act, I want to assure you that we are doing everything in our power to ensure something like this cannot happen again.  It is our hope that these criminals are swiftly brought to justice and that we are able to recover these funds. In the meantime, I want to express my profound thanks to everyone for the strong support we have received,” Dr. Higdon said.