BRANSON, Mo. — With the high price of lumber and other building materials, people who are looking to build new homes are getting creative.

“So we were interested in construction, but we wanted to make a less labor-intensive way of doing it,” said James Isaacs.

James Isaacs and Adam Cardwell are the co-owners of Dream Co. Construction. They researched 3D printing houses for nearly three years before partnering with Apis Corp.

“It’s basically a large-scale version of those small 3D printers, and instead of using a plastic material, it uses a concrete material,” said Cardwell.

Even though their construction business only started last year, on Tuesday, July 20, Isaacs and Cardwell celebrated a huge milestone.

“Super exciting, we’ve actually built our first 3D printed home here in the Ozarks,” said Isaacs. “We got done printing on it. We have not finished the home yet so within the next few weeks, we’ll be unveiling an exciting project, so people can come in and actually walk through it and learn a little bit more about it.”

Courtney Allen and her husband are also 3D printing their new home through Dream Co.

“With lumber prices skyrocketing through covid… he and I are kind of those obsessive solution seekers,” said Allen.

Allen says the material they’re using to build their new home will be strong enough to deal with severe storms.

“Actually can withstand an EF-3 tornado, and we’re going to be reinforcing one of the rooms in our home as a storm shelter,” said Allen. “They can easily do that with their building process.”

“We actually 3D print the home on the site,” said Isaacs. “It’s not something we do somewhere else. It’s actually on site when it’s printed.”

According to Allen 3D printing, her home has given her a lot more options as well. She plans on having a flat roof so that she can put a garden on top of her home.