BRANSON, Mo. – 2021 has been a historic financial year for Branson despite the pandemic continuing. Many new businesses are hoping to take advantage of this positive, economic momentum. 

Restaurants including Cheddar’s, Taco Habitat, KFC, Starbucks, and Panera Bread have all been issued commercial licenses to start construction in the city. Branson is also adding many other businesses such as Discount Tire, Westgate Water Park, and Marsh Lodge. 

“We’re a very popular, very well-known market,” said Jonas Arjes, the executive director of the Taney County Partnership. “People can get to us easily. We have a lot of inventory of places to stay, things to do… family fun, family fun, family fun.” 

The Branson buzz isn’t just about new businesses coming to the city. Many existing businesses are currently expanding to attract new customers with greater amusements. Grand Country has already started construction to expand its water park. Also, the Aquarium at the Boardwalk is adding a 12,500 square foot fountain show to the front of its property off of highway 76. 

“We’re a big believer in what Branson has to offer to families,” said Chuck O’Day, the director of new development for Kuvera Partners. “It’s right up our alley on what we do.”