SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield City Council has halted development in a north Springfield neighborhood because of an overlooked city code.

According to city attorney Rhonda Lewsader, the city code states that:

…if council fails to act within 30 days following the conclusion of the public hearing on a preliminary planned development, the preliminary planned development shall be deemed denied.”

Rhonda Lewsader, Springfield City Attorney

Public hearing on this particular council bill closed on February 6. Lewsader said the deadline for council action was March 8, meaning there’s no action council could have taken at tonight’s meeting.

Not only could City Council not vote on the development, but the developer cannot move forward.

Developer Mike Stalzer planned to buy the gym and soccer field owned by Baptist Temple and use the 6+ acre space for apartments and homes.

Now, Stalzer would have to completely restart the process if he wants to build on the land near Grant Avenue and Talmage Street.

The build has caused a stir amongst neighbors, as they feel they haven’t had a say in the development.

Tonight, they go home with a victory.

“It was a relief,” said Laurie Brotherton, a resident in the neighborhood. “Most of us have lived there for years and years, we don’t want an apartment complex in there.”

Neighbors say the fight is now over for them and they will have to wait and see what is next for the land.

“We are hoping that if a developer comes in that wants to do something with that property, that maybe they would just put some single-family homes in,” says Brotherton. “We’re hoping that another development is more fitting in the neighborhood.”