SPARTA, Mo. — The forest service is asking for feedback on one of the many Mark Twain National Forest trails.

The Chadwick Recreation Area Project is focused on making nearly 6,000 acres of trails smoother for riders.

It’s an area many people use to ride their ATVs, UTVs and off-road motorcycles.

“It’s nice to see people carrying and coming out and just talking to us about what they’d like to see,” said Park Ranger Cody Lunsford. “It’s public lands and we like to know people care and want to be involved. So we like to hear their comments and feedback on their public land and our management proposals, and that helps better guides our decisions as to what they would like to see or use in the woods.”

The goal is to address public health and safety and fix problems caused by frequent trail goers.

The project also looks at creating a loop of trails that can accommodate UTVs and improve infrastructure.

On Saturday, residents came to look at the changes and give their feedback.

Comments can be submitted in writing or online until May 30, allowing the community to give as much feedback as they can.

“Anybody that commented during this 30-day period will have the ability to comment on the final draft proposal,” Lunsford says.