CASSVILLE, Mo. — A youth baseball team is honoring the memory of a teammate who tragically died in a motorcycle accident last week just a mile outside of Cassville.

Fourteen-year-old Keaton Fare was well-loved by his teammates.

Coach Chad Howerton is in charge of the Cassville youth baseball club, and he tells us that Fare was a true team player, always giving his best both on and off the field.

“He was a big piece of our team. He was kind of the rah-rah guy on our team and everybody just bought a big smile and was always having a good time,” said Howerton. 

He says the team is carrying on with an extra sense of purpose this year, keeping Fare’s memory alive and knowing that he is always with them in spirit.

They are all wearing jerseys with the number 23 on them, the same number Keaton proudly wore during his time on the field.

Players also had the opportunity to present Fare’s family with a gift from the team at his funeral on Tuesday. 

“After the ceremony, the players went up and presented his family with the ring that we won this week. And we got him an extra one,” says Howerton. “They were playing for something in the season kind of means a little bit more to them and they’re trying to get wins for their buddy.”