SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– If you’ve ever been to Casper’s in downtown Springfield, you’ve likely been transfixed by the eclectic interior design in the restaurant’s front of house. But what you might’ve missed is that the magic happens behind the scenes, on a 1940s-era Garland stove.

“It’s the exact same make a model that Julia Child did her whole career on,” Casper’s owner, Shawn Kraft told Ozarks First.

But to the dismay of those who worship vintage pieces like the old Garland, Kraft says the 111-year-old restaurant has decided to trade-in for a younger model. The old grill, which was purchased new decades ago, is set to be removed after the restaurant closes on July 22, 2020.

Following the news of the 80-year-old grill’s retirement, many die hard patrons started asking the same question: Why?

It’s not that the old grill doesn’t work, Kraft told Ozarks First, it’s just that it’s seen better days and it’s time to bring in something smaller and more efficient. The burgers at Casper’s were once known for their crispy, fresh-off-the-grill consistency. Kraft says a newer, hotter grill might bring some of that back.

If you’re a Casper’s purist, you might still be able to catch one more Garland-prepared meal there. The restaurant closes at 2 p.m.