BOONE COUNTY, Ar. – The Boone County Sheriff’s Department is working to identify remains found at the scene of an apparent murder-suicide on April 2.

Boone County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene of a fire at Cave Creek Road to find a home engulfed in flames and the homeowner, 56-year-old, William Minyard Jr., lying in a detached garage with gunshot wounds.

Valley Springs Fire Department, who were working to put out the fire, and the Boone County Sheriff’s Department also searched for Linda Minyard, the 52-year-old wife of the homeowner, and found human remains inside the house.

“The first indication of what we have is a domestic-type situation where it’s going to turn up to be a homicide-suicide,” says Boone County Sheriff Tim Roberson.

Linda Minyard, an employee at the Boone County Jail since 2015, had a protection order against her husband a month before the incident, according to Sheriff Roberson.

“We believe, just based on what we have so far, that the male subject shot Linda and set the house on fire and went to the barn and committed what we believe to be suicide,” says Sheriff Roberson.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated and the human remains are at the medical examiner’s office to be identified.

Sheriff Tim Roberson says the weekend has been difficult for the department since many deputies worked with and knew Linda. Still, Sheriff Roberson says the outpouring of support from the community and surrounding departments has been much appreciated.

“We’ve had support from I think every agency within probably a 75-mile radius.”