BILLINGS, Mo. — The annual Billings Community Fair featured food trucks, vendors and a truck and tractor pull. 

“It is tractor and tractor pull night. That’s that’s our biggest drive,” said Bridgett Burky, the Social Media Director for the Billings Community Fair. “So we got all the events and fun for the kids. We’ve got several bounce houses this year. We’ve got face painting, we’ve got all the junk food you could ever want.” 

For 57 years, the Billings Community Fair has allowed the community to come together. 

“We’ve seen kids, including our grandchildren here,” said Chris Cruzan, a fairgoer. “I visit with some people that are much older than myself and they just enjoy the heck out of it every year when they come. 

The truck and tractor pull is a large part of the fair and the fundraiser for the Billings Fire Department. 

“About 20 years ago, we started the truck pool as a fundraiser for the volunteer side,” said Austin Essick, Chief of the Billings Fire Department. “And we use that money for back-to-school supplies. We donate to the community, to the city, to the library.” 

The fair is an annual tradition for many families across multiple generations. 

“For my family, we’ve got five generations showing up here tonight,” Bridgett Burky said. “All competing in the tractor pulls.”

Although there is plenty of friendly competition, the event is all about community.  

“If you have an opportunity to come out to a community fair like this,” said Cruzan. “This is this is something that’s great.”

“It helps us provide back to the community,” Essick said. “More money for us is more money for the community.” 

Many people at the fair are excited to return next year and continue the tradition. 

“I think it’s fantastic for Billings,” said Sally Burky, who attended the fair. “And I hope they keep it up and it gets bigger every year.”