ASH GROVE, Mo. — The Ash Grove school district is asking for a recount after a bond issue on the April 4 ballot failed by a very small margin.

At the Ash Grove Board of Education meeting April 10, the board approved moving forward with asking each county for a recount.

KOLR 10/FOX 49 spoke with one parent who sees the need within the district.

“I feel for the people that voted no, I really do,” said parent Mary Alborn. “But then on the flip side, I feel for the teachers and the children.”

The bond issue, known as Proposition K.I.D.S., appeared on ballots in Greene, Dade and Lawrence counties. The proposition only failed in one of those three counties.

The Greene County Clerk says the district meets the standards to request a recount, making it one of the first recounts in the area over a school bond issue.

“This is the first time I’ve seen it happen with a bonding issue,” said Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller. “The certified vote totals that we have in terms of which candidate did pass and it passed to Dade County, it passed in Greene County. However, it did not meet the threshold needed in Lawrence County.”

The bond issue received 734 votes in total, but received 56.66 percent of yes votes. It needed at least 57 percent for the $9.4 million bond to be approved.