BAXTER COUNTY, AR — A Salesville, Arkansas, man was arrested for domestic violence charges after a report about him throwing gasoline on someone and threatening to set them on fire.

Clayton Moore, 42, of Salesville, Arkansas, allegedly attacked two people Friday, Aug. 26. According to a press release, the first victim said Moore assaulted her, threw her on the ground, poured gasoline on her, and threatened to set her on fire. She added that Moore threatened to kill her with a spear. A second victim said Moore stabbed him in the hand.

When the first victim called deputies to make the report, she told them Moore had barricaded himself inside a home with several people who might be in danger. After deputies arrived at the residence, they found that Moore had blocked the front door with a refrigerator. The deputies tried to push the door open and Moore allegedly threw a pry bar, a flashlight, and liquid insecticide at them. It was found later that the insecticide was what was thrown on the first victim.

Eventually, a deputy was able to talk Moore out of the home. Moore was arrested. Inside, deputies found “considerable damage,” including smashed objects and stab marks on the wall.

Moore is charged with felony counts of battery, aggravated assault on family or household members, terroristic threatening, and criminal mischief.