SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Judy O’Bannon, an 81-year-old Springfield woman says walking through the halls of Reed Academy Middle School today was bittersweet.

“It’s kind of sad in a way because the building’s been here for so many years,” said  O’Bannon. ”My mother went here. She graduated ninth grade in 1937, and I went here in 1956. I just had to come and have a last look because it’s such history for me.”

On Tuesday, Reed Academy opened its doors to the community for a final walk-through, allowing students and staff both old and new to say goodbye before work begins on a new building.

“Prop S passed back in April, and so as a result, Reed Academy was on that bond issue to get a new building,” said principal Sara Strohm.

The building was constructed back in the 1920s and holds a lot of Springfield history that will be carried on to the new building. 

“We’re excited about staying in the heart of our community,” said Strohm. “We know that Reed Academy has a rich history. It’s been here for over 100 years.”

For now many are sharing their memories of the school while wishing luck to the students to come. 

Students who are enrolled at Reed and live within its attendance boundaries will be bused to the school’s temporary location until construction is complete.