SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Community members gathered Tuesday night for a candlelight vigil remembering the Springfield 3.

Loved ones brought missing persons posters for Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall to the Victim’s Memorial Garden at Phelps Grove Park. Community members lit candles and listened to others while they shared stories about the women.

“It’s amazing how one year turns into two and two into five and five into 20,” Louis Michael said. Michael graduated from Kickapoo High School and knew Streeter and McCall, “Here we are 30 years without an answer. Maybe in this case, we’re not supposed to know till we get to heaven. But I believe that we will get there and we will know someday.”

Michael played music that McCall listened to prior to her disappearance. The community also joined together in singing Amazing Grace.

Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams also spoke at the vigil, sharing the process of the investigation.

“We also share your frustration, disappointment, anxiousness, and sense of what happened,” Williams said. “Over the last 30 years, but certainly over the last decade, there is not a lead that hadn’t been followed up on a theory that hadn’t been examined, a location that hadn’t been checked, a tip that hadn’t been looked at. This case is unique in many ways, and that’s one of them that we call it a cold case.”

Williams went on to say the department always has a detective assigned to the case.

“As those detectives have changed and people have retired and got promoted and transferred out there’s like a fresh set of eyes that looks at this case every few years locally,” Williams said.

Williams said in order to solve this case, someone will have to come forward. Stacy McCall’s mother Janis spoke to families, and asked them to encourage others to come forward.

“I hope that these candles being lit will be just one way of lighting their way back to answers,” Janis McCall said. “All we want is answers. If you know someone that has the answers please let them know that it is ok to come and tell us. It’s ok to go to the police and tell them.”

Michael also encouraged people to keep their candles burning as a symbol of remembering the three women.

“Take that candle home and light it tonight on your front porch, on your back deck, wherever you’re at just keep that memory alive, keep that memory burning,” Michael said.

Victim’s Memorial Garden has a bench with Streeter, McCall, and Levitt’s name engraved on it, along with the date they went missing. The garden also has several bricks with messages sharing love for each woman.