SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — With fall and winter coming to Missouri, many are preparing for hunting season. If you’re new to the area or new to hunting in general, here’s a quick guide to hunting seasons and permits.

How to Get a Permit

Permits are fairly easy to get in Missouri. You’ll need to create an account through the Missouri Department of Conservation website to purchase one. Prices for permits vary widely depending on what you want to hunt.

Archers’ permits cost $19 for residents, $9.50 for youth, and $265 for non-residents. They’re free if you’re a landowner in Missouri. Generally, permits cost less than $20 for Missouri residents, but they are specific to the species they allow you to hunt. You can shop for your permit with the Missouri Department of Conservation.



Black bear permits are given out through random drawings. The application period is May 1-31, so it’s too late to get one this year. Those who applied for the permit could look at the results of the drawing as of July 1.


  • Archery: Sept. 15-Nov. 11 and Nov. 23-Jan.15
  • Youth firearms: Oct. 29-30 and Nov. 25-27
  • Firearms: Nov 12-22
  • Firearms for antlerless: Dec. 3-11
  • Firearms, alternative methods: Dec. 24-Jan. 3


Like bear permits, elk permits are given out by random drawing.

  • Archery: Oct. 15-23
  • Firearms: Dec. 10-18


  • Red or gray hunting and trapping: Nov. 15-Jan. 31


  • Youth: Oct. 29-30
  • General: Nov. 1-Jan 15


  • Archery: Sept. 15-Nov. 11 and Nov. 23-Jan. 15
  • Firearms: Oct. 1-31


  • Teal: Sept. 10-25
  • Canada geese: Oct. 1-9 and Nov 11-Feb. 6
  • Brant: Oct. 1-9 and Nov. 11-Feb. 6
  • Ducks, coots and geese for youth in middle and north zones: Oct. 22-23
  • Ducks and coots for north zone: Oct. 29-Dec. 27
  • Ducks and coots for middle zone: Nov. 5-13 and Nov. 19-Jan. 8
  • Ducks, coots, and geese for youth in south zone: Nov. 19-20
  • Snow, blue and Ross’s geese: Feb. 7-April 30 and Nov. 11-Feb. 6
  • Greater White-Fronted geese: Nov. 11-Feb. 6
  • Ducks and coots for south zone: Nov. 24-27 and Dec. 7-Jan. 31

These are just some of the popular species to hunt. You can find a full list of hunting seasons for less common species on the Missouri Department of Conservation website.