SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — “Nancy completely devotes herself to the recovery community and can reach into the lives of those who choose sobriety… Nancy helps restore mothers and fathers to their children, and children to their parents… Nancy makes a difference in this community and, in doing so, helps hundreds of lives save themselves.” 

That was part of the letter Lawren Cramer wrote about Nancy Hall when nominating her for Remarkable Women. 

Every year, KOLR10 highlights the stories of Remarkable Women who have been nominated by members of the community.

One of the women who received several nominations was Nancy Hall. She is the director of New Beginnings Sanctuary in Springfield – a sober living program that guides women through recovery. 

“She got me off the Greyhound bus when I got out of prison two years ago,” Cramer said. 

Hall took Cramer to the house where she would begin recovery – a 12-month program through New Beginnings Sanctuarybut Hall’s dedication, Cramer says, goes beyond that. 

“She cares what we do with the rest of our lives,” she said. 

Two years after getting off that bus, Cramer is sober, employed, and working on getting her children back. She says Hall helped her get her life back. 

But Hall says she guides them.

“I believe all I do is lead by example,” Hall said. “I share my experience, and I give them hope. We set accountability and structure. They do all the hard work. They are the remarkable ones.”

Hall has been the director of new beginnings since 2016. Before being offered that position – she went through a different recovery and sober-living program in Springfield. 

Marlisha Jones is a certified peer specialist at New Beginnings and says she’s inspired by watching Hall work behind the scenes.

“She’s pivotal of a woman walking out in her recovery, and she does it with such grace,” she said. “She’s that one that’s advocating; she’s that one that’s up late nights getting people into the center, getting people into detox, having those conversations with parents, finding the right program for individuals.

“I’ve had people come in that needed detox, that needed a place to stay, and I’d call her – It doesn’t matter, it’s 9, 10 o-clock at night, doesn’t matter – she’s going to answer her phone. She’s going to do everything she can to take of that individual,” Jones said. 

New Beginnings started with four beds. Now, the sanctuary has about 70 beds in Springfield, Joplin, and Kansas City.  

“I believe it’s all through God, working through me,” Hall says. 

But those whose lives hall impacted personally will always credit her. 

“Thank you for being what we never had and what we want to be,” Cramer wrote in her letter. 

Nancy Hall is one of four women selected by a panel of judges as the final nominees.  
One winner will receive a donation to her charity of choice. 
Every Tuesday morning in March, we will air a story on one of the final four women.
The winner will be announced on April 1 on Daybreak during our Remarkable Women special to wrap up Women’s History Month.