Thursday began with the chilliest morning lows so far this fall in parts of the Ozarks. A few cold-prone areas even managed near-freezing lows with some patchy frost. Most places remained well above the freezing mark, bottoming out in the upper 30s to mid-40s.

Thursday turned out to be one of the milder days so far this fall with highs in the low 70s despite sunny skies.

It’s a pattern that we’re really locked into, and there won’t be any major changes through the weekend.

For tonight, we’ll find starry skies with another chilly morning ahead. Most areas will dip into the low to mid-40s, but there will likely be a few cold-prone locations that drop into the 30s.

The morning chill will give way to a gorgeous afternoon with sunshine and highs in the mid-70s.

The weekend pattern is ideal for outdoor plans, whether it’s grilling or camping, or both. Skies will remain mainly clear with chilly mornings and comfortably warm afternoons.

The mild and quiet pattern is thanks to a steady supply of mild, dry air blowing in on east to northeast winds. The steady wind flow pattern results from the squeeze play between high pressure centered to the north and low pressure focused around “Ian”.

The pattern doesn’t show signs of breaking down until the middle of next week. A storm moving into the middle of the country will flush out the remnants of “Ian” and push a cold front into the Ozarks by Wednesday.

The front should generate some clouds and possibly some patchy showers. Any rain is welcome with the drought worsening across Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas.

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