Nice start to the fall season

Temperatures decreased throughout today, with the high temperature recorded at 12:26 AM at 69 degrees. If you know anyone traveling to the Gulf of Mexico next week, give them a heads up a storm could be impacting their travels. The wave is still too far to understand what track it will take, but by the middle of next week, things will get pinned down.

Summer feel by Saturday

The showers will slowly come to an end tonight with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-50s. Friday, a warming trend will start with temperatures in the upper 70s with partly sunny skies. There is a chance for a few showers, but most will stay along and north of highway 54. If you are going to one of the 1st and 10 games Friday evening, you may need a jacket with temperatures in the low 70s or upper 60s. Saturday will be feeling like summer again with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s, with plenty of sunshine perfect for boating and going to the pool. Another front will move into the area by Sunday bringing cooler, fall-like temperatures back to the Ozarks.