The hottest weather in years hit Springfield today with highs in the low 100s. Springfield officially hit 102°, the hottest temperature since August 4, 2012, and this is just the beginning of an extended stretch of 100° days.

The heat today developed as hot air nosed into the area ahead of a southbound “cool front”. The front will arrive with a few clouds and not much more Wednesday morning and will have virtually no impact on temperatures.

The day will start warm with a bit of cloud cover. Temperatures will quickly climb with the hottest temperatures of the day developing over Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas where low 100s are likely.

Clear skies, drier air, and light winds will open the door to cooler weather by Thursday morning with temperatures slipping into the mid-60s to low 70s. Abundant sunshine will push afternoon highs back into the low 100s.

The pattern will remain very hot and quiet through the weekend with highs approaching 105° across much of the Ozarks by this weekend. The overnights will also be getting very warm with temperatures having a tough time dipping below the upper 70s.

The heat will continue into early next week, but there may be a bit more cloud cover with some spotty shower chances as a front dips into the area.

Looking past Tuesday, there’s some hope for slightly cooler and wetter weather as the summer ridge breaks down in the region. A frontal boundary may stall in the area leading to an uptick in rain chances and a dialing back of the heat heading into the following weekend.

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