What a wintry week it has been. It doesn’t feel like the middle of November as Old Man Winter has its grasp on the country’s middle part. Thanks to Saturday’s cold front, temperatures remained below freezing throughout the day across much of the area. In fact, we kicked off the day with record lows in Joplin, West Plains, and Rolla/Vichy.

The pattern is shifting gears now though. The pipeline of cold air has been shut off and temperatures will be climbing on southwest winds for the next several days.

Weather looks ideal for holiday travel in the region Wednesday. Temperatures look a lot warmer too with highs near 60°.

A storm will sweep quickly through the region on Thanksgiving Day bringing a chance for showers. Temperatures look a little cooler too.

We’ll end the week on a breezy and colder note. The cold snap will be brief with warmer weather returning this weekend. This is good news as we decorate our yards and houses for the holidays.