Low humidity with mild temperatures

It has been a beautiful day across the Ozarks with warm temperatures but low humidity levels. Temperatures have now been below average for the past three days! The newest drought monitor is out, and most locations have seen improvements from the much-needed rain the Ozarks have received over the past few weeks.

Regionally we are dominated by high pressure and dry air! There are two fronts just to our east but those will be moving away from the area. The front to the south and east brought drier air to the area. Tonight’s temperatures will be comfy in the mid-60s, with mostly clear skies.

The humidity will increase as we head into the weekend, and so will the temperatures. Friday will be dry for most of the region and into the weekend. Temperatures will be nearly normal tomorrow in the low 90s again. Into the weekend, things continue to increase, which is great for boaters, floaters, or people going to the pool. However, the pattern will be changing again next week with a front coming in, bringing showers, storms, and cooler temperatures.

Monday temperatures will still be hot and steamy in the mid-90s but the cold front will bring below average to the Ozarks on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.