Tuesday began with a humid feel and foggy conditions. By the end of the day, skies had cleared and a more comfy feel developed as the summer muggies got pushed out of the area.

The drier air and clear skies tonight will allow temperatures to tumble into the upper 50s and low 60s by morning.

The cool morning feel will give way to warm afternoon temperatures as sunny skies push temperatures into the upper 80s. Humidity levels will remain low making for a comfortable afternoon despite the warmth.

The pattern won’t change much through Thursday. Humidity levels stay low and the pattern remains quiet, although there will be quite a bit of high cloudiness streaming in. Morning temperatures will be comfy cool with another seasonably warm afternoon as we begin September.

The door may be open for a little wet weather as we slip into the weekend. A trough will slip into the middle of the country by Friday with a weak storm moving through the area Friday. A chance for showers and thunderstorms is now on the table for Friday along with higher humidity.

The trough will gradually shift east and southeast of the Ozarks, but we’ll remain close enough for a low risk for spotty showers through Saturday and Sunday and possibly into Monday. The weekend will also have a hot and humid feel with highs near 90°.