Scattered showers and storms are possible Sunday

Temperatures were hot again today before a few rain showers and storms moved through with the clouds. The one question everyone has is, will it cool down, and when will it rain. The best and only chance will be Sunday as a cold front sweep through the region. The best chance for showers and storms will be east of highway 65 or east of Springfield, and chances decrease as you head west. Sunday will not be a wash-out of a day, so if you have outdoor plans no need to cancel just modify them. The north and east will receive around 0.75 to 0.50 inches of rainfall, while Springfield is looking at 0.25-0.10. However, the region that has thunderstorms could exceed these numbers. It is dry as a bone across the Ozarks.

Another hot and dry stretch

Since June 1, Springfield has seen a deficit of a little over 4 inches of rainfall, resulting in most of the area being under a moderate drought. West Plains has seen over 5 inches of a deficit of rainfall, resulting in a severe drought. Unfortunately, things do not look to get better anytime soon, with only a medium chance for some showers Sunday before drying out again. Temperatures Sunday will feel the effects of the showers and storms by reaching in the mid-80s to mid-90s. Next week the temperature cranks up again with highs in the mid to upper 90s most days. Tuesday will be extremely dangerous to anyone outside as temperatures hit near records or break records. Back in 1980, on July 19, a record high of 103 was recorded, and Springfield will come close to hitting that record.

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