The Kitchen

The Kitchen, Inc. brings stability and purpose to people who are homeless. You can contact The Kitchen, Inc. by calling us at (417) 837-1500 or visit our website at

The Kitchen, Inc. operates on the evidence based Housing First philosophy. That is to first provide stable housing and then meeting other basic needs. Studies prove once basic needs are met, individuals are more likely to focus on additional areas of their lives and make positive progress.

The Kitchen, Inc. offers five types of programs: Emergency Shelter, Home at Last, Rare Breed Youth Services, Community Housing and Low Income Affordable Quality Housing Developments: Beacon, McClernon and Franciscan Villa.

Emergency Shelter is a short-term intervention designed to move individuals off the street and to meet basic needs. A client will typically use emergency shelter for 90 days or less. Clients can progress to long-term stability in permanent housing options from The Kitchen, Inc.’s case management team.

The Home at Last program offers rapid re-housing and homeless prevention for veterans and their families. This program provides rental assistance, utility assistance, household items, case management and more to those who have served our country and now find themselves in need of a little help.

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The Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center is a unique place that promotes healthy relationships, resiliency, empowerment, and healing for Springfield’s young people. The Rare Breed collaborates with multiple agencies in the area to bring in the best programs for youth to overcome poverty and trauma and go on to lead healthy productive adult lives. Healing happens when youth have healthy positive relationships and that is the foundation of the program. Rapid re-housing and permanent housing are also available to qualifying youth. The ages served in this program are 13-24 (outreach center) and 17-24 (housing program.)

Our Community Housing program is a combination of Rapid Rehousing and Permanent Supportive housing for our clients. Our Case Management team utilizes the Housing First philosophy to help our clients develop Housing Stability Plans. The plans are focused on helping clients to connect with resources and develop support systems so they are able to maintain stable housing without the assistance of The Kitchen, Inc. 

Affordable Housing is focused on helping low-income individuals & families remain housed. The Kitchen, Inc.’s main developments include Franciscan Villa, Beacon Village I & II and McClernon Villas.

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The Kitchen

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