About Us: Dedicated to service, Southwest Missouri Exterior Cleaning is a locally owned company with the customer in mind. We believe by offering free quotes, providing constant communication, and backing all our work with a satisfaction guarantee that means a worry-free hiring process for you! As a fully licensed and insured soft/pressure washing company we provide a range of quality exterior cleaning services to Springfield and the surrounding communities. Our services include everything from soft washing to window cleaning to wood staining and everything in between.

Why We Do It: Often overlooked, we believe exterior cleaning should be a part of every home and business. Most people do not realize that our services like roof washing or gutter cleaning are not only meant to boost the curb appeal of your home but prolong the life of the structure as well. The black streaks often seen on roofs are not only ugly, but they are a live organism called Gleocapsa Magma which eats at the lime in your shingles, leading to costly repairs. The same is true for gutters that are not properly maintained or decks and fences that are not properly treated. Our hope is to keep the community of Springfield shining and clean so our future generations can enjoy the same things we did growing up here!

Soft Washing: Soft washing is a method of exterior cleaning that relies on a proper chemical mix and dwell time as opposed to high pressure. This is a much safer process when dealing with exterior surfaces like vinyl siding or roof shingles as well as wood surfaces. With a wide range of chemicals in our arsenal and the equipment needed to get the job done we have perfected our soft washing techniques for any circumstance. With eco-friendly options for areas of high greenery as well as the traditional chemicals used in soft washing, we have the experience needed when dealing with your most valuable asset, your home.

Pressure Washing: We most often use soft washing when cleaning a home or business, but pressure washing does have its place with us. When cleaning a concrete driveway or back patio when we use our high-pressure system to blast away dirt and grime that gets deep into the porous concrete.

Wood Cleaning/Staining: All too often we see wood surfaces like fences and decks destroyed by high pressure. When cleaning a soft surface like wood the last thing you want to see is a sandpaper look. Without the proper knowledge of the chemicals being used you could be destroying the lignins in the wood and allowing it to separate. At SWMO Exterior Cleaning, we know what to use and when to use it. By using a peroxide-based chemical the mold and lichens are brought to the surface and easily rinsed away using low pressure. After the deck or fence has been properly cleaned and dried, we always recommend adding a stain or clear coat. Adding a stain or seal to the wood not only prolongs the life of your deck and fence but can add to the curb appeal of your home!

Window Cleaning: Another often overlooked service for your home or business is window cleaning. SWMO Exterior Cleaning uses state of the art equipment and processes such as a pure water system to clean 3rd story windows and beyond. A pure water system takes the impurities in the water and lowers the TDS level to 0 meaning a streak free cleaning and drying on your windows. You would be shocked to learn how much light can be blocked out by a little dirt and grime!


Learn more about how our services will help maintain and protect your home or business by visiting our website.  You can also conveniently schedule a free quote online or call us directly at 417-569-2000

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