SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Many have heard of the Boys and Girls Club and may think the non-profit helps troubled or at-risk youth. It does, but the group also does much more. 

I met with a mom and her twin daughters who helped me share their story.

“It’s more than just a program for your kids to go to,” Springfield parent Britni Fear said.

Fear is raising her twin daughters Layla and Stella. The seven-year-olds are a part of the Boys and Girls Club of Springfield.

“I know when my kids are here they’re safe,” Fear said. “They have opportunities to be involved in programs that are going to shape who they become.”

The non-profit’s mission is to enable all youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible people.

“I’m actually a social worker and so that is all of my core and beliefs and 100% what I hope I’m raising and teaching my children,” Fear said.

Fear says she’s thankful the group is continuing to serve families during the pandemic.

“When schools had to shut down it was really stressful,” Fear said.  

The group also focuses on the importance of mentorship.

“Realistically, as much as I want my kids to tell me everything I know I can’t always be that person for them,” Fear said. “So knowing that they have people in place that they can tell anything and feel comfortable with and be safe with is very important to me.”

Fear said if the Boys and Girls Club wasn’t here her life would be harder to manage.

“I’d be a little more stressed than I already am, especially right now, they maneuver to what the community needs,” Fear said.

“I like it how like we do our school kind of fast and a lot of the times it’s really fun,” Layla Fear said. 

“I like my staff members because they are kind to us,” Stella Fear said.  

Fear says she’ll always have a sweet spot for the organization, and shared she actually worked as a staff member during her college years.

You can help the group serve Springfield students, and it’s as easy as sending a text. To contribute to these efforts, just text “supportgreatfutures” – all one word – to 243725.