Strategic Partnership

A history of growth: In 20 years Nexstar has grown from a single TV station to the largest TV station operator in the country. Through strategic acquisition, Nexstar has built an industry-leading digital portfolio of digital companies used to power the strategy and activation of the largest and most recognized brands in the world. 


197 local television stations in 115 markets reaching 69 million local television households.

We conduct a quarterly analysis of our vendor partnerships using a consideration matrix to evaluate our partners on 16 different points. In addition, we proactively meet with new partners each month. By the time we’re utilizing a partner/technology to activate a campaign they’ve been fully vetted and tested so you can have confidence that you are getting access to the absolute best the industry has to offer. 

Strategic Partners

LOCAL RELATIONSHIPS 1,500+ Account Executives, Digital Specialists, and Sales Managers living in 100 local markets across the US.

SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT Your campaign is supported by an entire team of digital specialists.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS We leverage the latest technology and most influential partners in the industry.

PROVEN TRACK RECORD Driving measurable results for businesses of all sizes through the power of digital advertising.

Google Premier Partner We have been awarded the Google Premier Partnership status as a result of our commitment to excellence in their platform.

Facebook Marketing Partner As a Facebook Marketing Partner we are painstakingly vetted not only for capability and expertise, but also for a solid track record of success

MOAT We protect our clients from ad fraud by investing in MOAT to track viewability on our campaigns. This ensures your ads are being served to quality, human audiences.

Brand Safety Partner with leading human verification technologies to block fraudulent impressions before they are available to purchase. Apply pre-bid safety filters on all campaigns to protect advertisers from harmful content (hate speech, alcohol, drug, illegal gambling, adult, etc.)

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