Reeds Spring, Mo. — There is a hungry pack of Wolves in Stone County.

“We’ve been working all year for games like these,” Reeds Spring senior Adam Lewis said

Reeds Spring has plenty of seniors that fit that mold and carry major expectations.

“There are 15 of us,” Lewis said. “In times of struggle or whatever has happened this season, we can look to each other and, you know, know that we have each other’s backs.”

Last Friday, the Wolves erased a halftime defecit to beat Marshfield to improve to 4-1.

“Our word of the week this week is focus,” Reeds Spring senior Caden Wiest said. “And if we come out how we played that second half as Marshfield play the whole game like that there’s no reason we can’t move up on a little bit.”

It was the first win over the Jays since 2017. Putting Reeds Spring one win away from a winning regular season, its first since 2019.

“It’s something that we haven’t really had recently and we’ve definitely worked on that,” Wiest said. “And, you know, we’re just we’re just confident that we can win the rest of our games on schedule.”

“Every year we have our seniors make a list of what their season goals are, and one of those is to have a winning record, one of those has something to do with what our record is at home,” Reeds Spring head coach Andy McFarland said. “And, you know, we’ve been kind of checking things off the list as the season has gone and and the kids have earned the right to do that.”

As the calendar flips to October, the focus shifts to finishing the regular season strong and making a playoff run.

“Our defensive coordinator, the very first day he walked in and the first thing he says is, how many games do you guys want to play,” Lewis said. “He asked me, and I was like, Oh, how many is it to get to state? And he said, 15. And I said, all right, I want to play 15 games of the season.”

It’s not an elimination game, but the playoff atmosphere arrives on the last day of September in Reeds Spring.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re you’re playing on Friday night, Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon,” McFarland said. “I mean, that’s that’s a big deal playing at home. And we love the advantage that we have here. We love our home crowd and and our community is fired up about this team this year. We can’t wait.”

Kickoff between Seneca and Reeds Spring is 7pm.