SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Springfield Cardinals were supposed to have their only 5:25 start of the season Sunday night.

But the afternoon thunderstorm drentched downtown, and forced a two hour delay to get Hammons Field ready for baseball.

The Cards also shortened the game to seven innings.

The big fireworks show after the game needs to stay on time.

Wichita provides second inning fireworks, Anthony Prato takes this deep to left, into the bullpen and gone, a two run shot, 2-0 Wind Surge.

Next batter is Kevin Merrell, and he takes this the other way, to right over the fence off the Mercy sign 3-0 Wind.

Springfield ties it up with one swing of the bat, Chandler Redmond deep to left, into the bullpen and gone, a three run shot, and it’s 3-3.

But Wichita answers in the fourth, Chris Williams takes this deep to left, it goes into the bullpen as well for a homer, it’s 4-3 Wind Surge.

It’s 6-4 in the fifth when Daniel Ozoria lines this off Redmond’s glove into foul territory, Prato scampers home 7-4.

Springfield tied it up at eight on a sixth inning two run single by Mike Antico sending the game to extra innings.

But Wichita rallied to win 10-9 in eight innings.