SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Springfield Cardinals like to say the future of the St. Louis team is on display now at Hammons Field.

That’s true.

And two of those future stars will get the All-Star treatment Sunday in Los Angeles.

Masyn Winn and Jordan Walker will represent the Cardinals in the MLB Futures Game.

Masyn Winn and Jordan Walker have been joined at the hip since they entered the Cardinals organization two years ago.

They play side by side on the infield, Walker at third, Winn at short.

They hang out together on and off the diamond.

But it didn’t start out that way.

“I thought he was a weirdo coming out of high school. I had a few tournaments with him. I thought he was a weirdo kid,” said Springfield third baseman Jordan Walker.

Masyn Winn/Cardinals Shortstop:”I wasn’t expecting him to be as big of a human as he is. He’s every bit of 6’7″, 250. Us being the same age, it’s tough to look at him, not it’s not normal,” said Springfield shortstop Masyn Winn.

So naturally these two became the best of friends.

And have travelled their pro baseball journey together.

And next week it’ll lead them to Dodger Stadium for the Major League Baseball Futures Game.

“Going to the Futures Game with him is a dream for me. I don’t know if it’s been his dream. But going with him is exciting,” said Walker.

“Playing in Low A together, High A together, now here. And now we get to go to Dodger Stadium. That’s really a dream come true. The next step is the show. So it’s exciting,” said Winn.

MLB created the Futures Game back in 1999 to put the spotlight on the best minor league players.

It’s part of the big league All-Star Fame week.

The American League future stars will face the National League in a seven inning game played Sunday.

It’ll be the first time Winn has been to Dodger Stadium, Walker’s been there before.

Walker:”I didn’t know how it worked. I just know I wanted to be in there. And hearing my name and know I was going to be in the Future’s Game is pretty exciting for me.”

Winn:”I was kind of not expecting it. I had thought it would be more of a next year thing. But Jordan got the news right before me. Then told me I was right behind him. I was through the roof man. I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy.”

It’ll be a welcome break from the drudgery of the Texas League season.

And both look forward to rubbing shoulders with their minor league peers and hope to experience some of the big league All-Star Game festivities.

“The All-Stars are going to be there. I don’t know if we’ll have time to hang out and tlak with them. i feel like that would be pretty cool,” said Walker.

“I’m so excited for it. It’s a beautiful park. in LA that’ sthe land of dreams. I’m going to go and try to make things happen,” said Winn.