SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Most 19-year-olds spend their spring studying for midterms and finals.

“When they told me I was coming to Double-A, there is there’s no other feeling other than excitement,” Cardinals third baseman Jordan Walker said.

Then again, most 19-year olds aren’t 6’5″, 220.

“I mean, you can look at all the physical, but his maturity and how I mean, honestly, he’s just a quiet guy,” Cardinals outfielder Chase Pinder said. “So like you kind of pick his brain a little bit, but he’s just super mature and everything he does and his preparation.”

“I think he got a great talent and I think going to be in the big leagues soon because he got everything,” Cardinals shortstop Delvin Perez said.

Now a Springfield Cardinal, Jordan Walker is the top-ranked prospect in the Cardinals’ organization and 30 in all of baseball.

“It’s cool hearing about it, but, you know, and then the day I’m still trying to get to the major leagues and that’s my goal,” Walker said. “So I’m not there yet. So I still got work to do.”

Walker will see a lot of time at third base. He hit 14 home runs across his time at Palm Beach and Peoria last season, which has him salivating about the power possibilities at Hammons Field.

“Everybody the organization says it’s a hitter’s ballpark,” Walker said. “So compared to Peoria and definitely Palm Beach, where they didn’t really go for hitters, It’s really excited to play in a ballpark that, you know, kind of flies a little bit.”

“He’s got power. He’s a good hitter. He had a great season last year at two levels,” Cardinals manager Jose Leger said. “He’s only 19. And you can see the work, the way he he handles himself. You know, he’s just special and he can hit in this game.”

Like most, his love for the game started at a young age.

“My granddad and my dad really loved baseball, so they got me into it and they would tell you stories about how I used to go to sleep with my glove and ball every night when I was little, so they just knew I had a love for it and they weren’t wrong,” Walker said.

And he’s ready to continue chasing that dream of reaching the big leagues, right here in Springfield.

“It’s fun. Baseball is fun,” Walker said. “This is my dream to do this for, you know, ever since I started playing at four years old, three years old. So, you know, all I can say is that the excitement is here and I’m ready to get going for sure.”