Confusion over kneeling in prayer leads to anthem redo, Valor top Bobcats


POINT LOOKOUT, Mo. — Evangel Men’s Basketball opened its new era as the Valor and under new head coach Bert Capel with an 89-71 win at College of the Ozarks.

The matchup served as the start of basketball season in the Ozarks but came with a strange start of its own.

According to Evangel, a freshman Valor player knelt in prayer after the anthem was finished but before the color guard and flag had fully left the court.

Evangel says College of the Ozarks thought the action was a protest of the anthem.

After a few possessions of the game, it was blown dead and the anthem was done again before the game was restarted.

C of O says a public address announcement was made before the first anthem for everyone to remain standing until the flag had left the court.

C of O says no disrespect was intended by the opposing player, and both coaches agreed to replay the anthem.

The College of the Ozarks has now canceled the men’s and women’s double-header game that was set to occur on November 17th, according to Evangel.

POINT OF INFORMATION: This story originally ran with incorrect information stating that the anthem was forgotten pregame, resulting in the stopping of the game and playing of the anthem.

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