SPRINGFIELD, Mo–Tuesday night the 22nd Annual Boys & Girls Club Steak & Steak dinner took place at University Plaza. And it featured one of the best tight end, in the National Football League in Kansas City’s Travis Kelce. 

Kelce has always been one for the theatrics on the field. So it’s no surprise, he was a hit with the kids on Tuesday. 

Kelce has been selected to the Pro Bowl the last three straight seasons. The tight end had a career high in touchdowns last year with 8 and added 1,038 receiving yards. 
Before Tuesday night’s Steak & Steak dinner, Kelce got to hang out with the kids of the Boys & Girls Club.

“The Boys and Girls Club is always something I’ve been close to since I’ve been in the NFL up in Kansas City. Helping out kids is probably the biggest thing that I can do as an influence. Enjoy life, it’s here to smile and be happy, enjoy each other and for the most part be appreciative of what you have around you,” said Travis Kelce.