Timeout: What do you think of baseball commissoner Rob Manfred


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Now for a Timeout.

Let’s talk about baseball.

More importantly, let’s talk about commissioner Rob Manfred.

Over the weekend, Manfred talked with ESPN and defended his punishment of the Houston Astros who admittedly cheated in route to their 2017 World Series Championship.

Manfred said he wasn’t going to take their championship away.

He said it was futile to ask for a piece of metal back.

That’s what Manfred called the trophy that goes to the World Series Champion, a piece of metal.

Before Manfred could remove the foot from his mouth social media was on fire.

Everything from fans calling for the owners to fire Manfred.

To current players who are already worked up because the Astro players got away scot-free.

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner asked if the commish ever won anything in his life.

He said the reason every baseball player busts his butt all season long is to win that trophy.

Turner correctly said it’s called the Commissioners Trophy not a piece of metal.

Manfred is out of touch and is getting close to the NFL’s Roger Goodell for my least favorite commissioner.

What do you think of baseball commissioner Rob Manfred?

E-mail Dlucy@kolr10.com or join the discussion on Facebook.

We’ll share some of your responses tonight at 10.

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