TIMEOUT: Should the NFL Extend Roger Goodell’s Contract?

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Now for a timeout:

Let’s talk the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The NFL Competition Committee is meeting today to discuss extending the NFL boss’s already lucrative contract.

Laying in the weeds in opposition is Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones.

Let’s take a look at the NFL landscape.

TV ratings are down, sponsors are angry and losing money, fans are irate about anthem protests and boycotting games.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he’s going to take the NFL to court if all the owners do not get to vote on the deal.

Goodell is making $30 million this season. He’s asking for a pay raise that will get him nearly $50 million a year.

He also wants to be able to use a private jet for the rest of his life, and have lifetime health insurance for himself and his family.

What else do you want Roger, the state of Wyoming too?

I never thought I’d be on the side of Jerry Jones, but here I am.

I say get rid of Goodell and I’ll take his job.

And, Jerry, you only have to pay me $2 million a year and I’ll fly coach.

What do you think? Should the NFL extend commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract?

E-mail dlucy@kolr10.com or join the discussion on Facebook.

We’ll share some of your responses at 10 p.m.  

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