The Defense Doesn’t Rest In Ozark

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OZARK, Mo–Defense rules on Friday nights in Ozark. These Tigers put on their pads and take the field. Vowing to do everything they can to keep their opponents out of their endzone.

“We first try to pride ourselves to play great defense,” said coach Chad Depee.

For the 10th ranked Tigers, there is no last line of defense… it’s only the first.

“Probably our defense, just cause they are the core of the team. Whenever we are down they will pick us back up and are really helpful,” said Danny Carr.

“We want to try and be like every high school team by being the most physical team on the field. High school football is not difficult in those regards, the team that typically comes out and is most physical, has the advantage,” said coach Depee.

Ozark allows less than 3 touchdowns per game. And are now 2-1 on the season, largely due to their ability to make stops.

“Our defense is a definitely a big strength for us. I think it’s just everybody coming together on the defense, wanting to be there. The coaching staff on the defense helps us be hyped,” said Brock Herrold.

Coming of their first loss of the season, Ozark looks to bounce back against Branson.

“They have a new coach. They have been doing some different things. They have been running it pretty good and passing it pretty good. We will have to focus on that,” said Herrold.

After going to the district finals last year, Ozark doesn’t have to just defend the goal line, but also their 7-2 record of year ago.

“Everybody has a target on their back, you have to have a bigger chip on your shoulder to come back better than the year before,” said Herrold.

“We had a tremendous year last year and it was great to experience. You can have all these expectations but you don’t know how it’s going to end that’s whey we play them. I have no idea what are record is going to be, where are we at in the conference, where are we at in the district, who knows. That’s the cool thing. We get to experience this together. We get to own this. This is our season 2017, whatever happens we did it all together,” said Coach Depee. 


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