SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — There is a different kind of bark around Harrison Stadium these days.

“They understand the way it used to be, didn’t get us where we wanted to be.”

Central snapped a losing streak that spanned five seasons in week three last fall.

“That’s the the biggest thing that we we’ve adjusted to over the last couple of years is not only trying to reach success, finding success, understanding what that looks like and, you know, just continuing to grow from there.”

And that hunger to keep winning has only gotten stronger.

“Competing is just part of the game, but, like, everyone wants to see wins, you know, it’s. It just feels good. It looks good. And it proves to everyone that we’ve been actually doing something, not just messing around here.”

“Yeah. I feel like, um, everyone’s actually upset about it. Everyone’s, you know, they want to win the game instead of just coming out here to play.”

The Central Bulldogs are 2-2 through the first month of the season.

A part of the success is senior running back Tae’Sean McShane, who has already rushed for 750 yards and seven touchdowns.

“They call him Megatron for a reason and he’s out there trying to destroy dudes. And and so that’s the fun part about it, watching him, you know, rise to his potential every game.”

“He’s different. I mean, you’re going to see Tae’Sean mixing up in college. You’re going to hear about him, I promise you.”

The goals for the Bulldogs are unanimous.

Continue to win games — earn respect — and continue building the blocks for the future of Bulldog football.

“No one respects us. Everyone doubts us. But we always prove them wrong.”

“I mean, everyone talks about, oh, how central is playing smaller schools and stuff, but we’re doing something that hasn’t been done in years. We’re talking about years. And it’s a changed culture.”

“They understand that it’s something they want because no matter what happens, someone will remember 16, 12, 54, 59 because of what they did here in 20-21-22.”