SPRINGFIELD, Mo–The Missouri State Bears started their last regular season Valley series Thursday night against Indiana State.

And it’s a battle between the two hottest teams in the conference.

The ninth-ranked Sycamores are in first place, the Bears right behind them in second.

Indiana State needs one win to lock up the regular season Valley title, the Bears need a three game sweep to tie for first.

But this was all Sycamores, top of the second and Parker Stinson takes this deep to right, over the fence and gone a three run shot it’s 3-0.

It was 5-0 in the third when Grant Magill grounds to deep short, an infield hit that scores Stinson and it’s 6-0.

Still in the third, Randal Diaz takes this deep to left center, it’s off the wall out there, a double that scores Magill and Keegan Watson, it’s 8-0.

In the fifth, more Indiana State, Mike Sears takes this deep to left center and gone, a solo shot 9-0.

And the Sycamores win 11-4 and lock down the Valley regular season championship.