SPRINGFIELD– Being put in a cage is the last place most people want to be. Especially, if you have to fight for your life.

“Obviously you’re not just trying to completely murder somebody, but it’s kill or be killed.”

That is, unless you’re Daylon Loonsfoot.

The 22-year old Springfield resident is a mixed martial artist with a thirst for the most dangerous combat sport on the planet.

“I like to wrestle, I like to kickbox, I like to do everything,” said mma fighter Daylon Loonsfoot. “I used to do little point kickboxing tournaments when I was younger, and it’s just always stuck with me.”

At 6’1, 170 pounds, Loonsfoot fights in the U.S. Midwest Amateur Welterweight Division. With a record of 2-1. Winning his last two fights by knockout in the first round.

“I train to do this stuff everyday. Like this is what I love to do, and then when I’m in there it’s time to show my improvements and my skill and just how good I really am.”

“He’s one of the like rare, young hard working kid,” said Loonsfoot’s coach Nathan Stamburski. “He’s just a unique individual. He’s athletically gifted, he’s smart, he listens very well, he cares about the people around him which just makes him a great person and fighter, as well.

Saturday, Loonsfoot will enter the octagon in Synergy Fighting Championship Four. He’ll not only be trying to win his third fight in a row, but possibly earn a shot at the S.F.C Welterweight title.

“This fight’s pretty big. I’d say it’s bigger than my first fight. I’m definitely confident. I feel like I have way more ways to win this fight than my opponent does.”

Loonsfoot aspires to reach the Ultimate Fighting Championship and be known as one of the world’s greatest mixed martial artists.

“I’d say it’s a dream for a lot of fighters, but not a lot of fighters actually pursue training every single day. I train every single day for that reason.”

Loonsfoot steps into the octagon Saturday night to face Alex Yanos and he’ll have just one thought in mind.

“I just wanna hurt this guy. I’m not gonna like chase a finish and mess up and get finished myself, but I’m just ready to go.”