SPRINGFIELD, Mo–It’s been a week since Springfield’s road trip to Amarillo, Texas.

But two Cardinals will never forget that 48 hour span.

Their slugging skills made baseball history.

There has never been a two day stretch like august 9th and 10th in the history of the Springfield Cardinals–and quiet possibly professional baseball.

“it is gone, Matt Koperniak”

Springfield’s Matt Koperniak started the magic by hitting for the cycle at Amarillo.

The 24-year old hit a single, a double, a two run homer, then a triple in the ninth for Springfield’s third ever cycle.

“The triple was the hardest to get luckily it’s a big outfield in Amarillo. I was able to get that in the end. The cycle is pretty rare, you really only hear about it in the MLB,” said Koperniak.

Koperniak’s moment in the sun lasted literally 24 hours.

The very next day, teammate Chandler Redmond did him one better.

“let’s just say Redmond didn’t miss it”

Redmond hit a cycle as well, but with home runs.

The 26-year old belted a two run homer, a grand slam, a solo blast through seven innings.

“I got back to the dugout and they were like dude you have three home runs. But I said yea, but listen to this I could go for a cycle of home runs,” said Redmond.

Redmond had seen an instagram post of a college softball player who hit a home run cycle.

He stepped to the plate in the eighth with runners on.

“It was first and third and I was like oh boy. Don’t try to get too big. Don’t try to force the issue. Boy if you get your pitch you better not miss it. And you better be on time,” said Redmond.

“high drive, right field, he just did it.”

“As soon as I hit it I was watching it and pointed to my buddies I had told about it. and they were hopping over the fence going crazy. It was an awesome experience,” said Redmond.

“And then Chandler getting the home run cycle. I didn’t even think it was a thing,” said Koperniak.

And don’t think Koperniak is upset that Redmond stole the limelight.

Koperniak:”I’m glad he got it, he’s a hard working man.”

Another amazing thing is that both of these players are not high level prospects.

Koperniak is an undrafted free agent.

And Redmond was picked in the 32nd round.

But they shared greatness over a two day span.

“You never know. That’s kind of the great thing about this game. It doesn’t matter what round or whatever. You can still contribute to the team. It was a pretty cool experience for me and Red,” said Koperniak.