Springfield Cardinals welcome new manager Joe Kruzel


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The St. Louis Cardinals will report to spring training next week.

The minor league guys will be right behind them as they get ready for the 2019 campaign.

The AA Springfield Cardinals will have a new manager.

Today, Joe Kruzel met with reporters and the fans as he checked out the facilities at Hammons Field.

Kruzel takes over for Johnny Rodriguez who managed the last two years.

Kruzel is 53 years old and is in his 12th season with the Cardinals, he’s managed the last seven years.

Last season he was at short season Low-A State College and is looking forward to AA. 

More than that, he’s excited to get his chance in Springfield even if the area gave him a harsh welcome weather wise. 

“Well, I didn’t assume that there was going to be a tornado on my first day,” Kruzel said. “But other than that, everything that I’ve seen so far in talking to all the people around, the front office people, Dan and Scott, everybody else around is it’s exactly what I’ve heard. I’m really excited to be a part of it. I really am.”

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