TNT’s Inside the NBA team is working the NBA Finals for NBA TV, which means there’s plenty more opportunity for hilarity amongst the cast.

Charles Barkley, who is no stranger to poking fun at other media personalities, appeared to take a shot across the bow at Shannon Sharpe’s reported buyout from FS1’s Undisputed, which he hosts with Skip Bayless.

Barkley, who has said on numerous occasions that he’s no fan of Bayless, couldn’t help but relish (albeit indirectly) in the reported news that Sharpe would be leaving Bayless high and dry after the NBA Finals.

“You know, I don’t do social media, so I get all my information off Bleacher Report,” Barkley began on Thursday night. “But I read an article today … that if you work with a damn idiot, they’ll buy you out. … Shaq, it’s not you, it’s not you, and it’s not you,” Barkley continued as he pointed to Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill and Matt Winer. 

“It’s not Ernie. It’s Kenny. But apparently, if you work with a damn idiot, they’ll buy you out. So I just want you all to know, I’m open to the buyout,” he said with a big smile on his face.

The entire segment had Shaq, who is used to Barkley’s antics, trying to contain his laughter. 

Leave it to Barkley, who loves himself a good viral moment, to create yet another one after Denver’s Game 1 finals win over Miami.