The excitement for USC star QB Caleb Williams to get to the NFL is through the roof. But as teams debate whether to go all-in on tanking for a chance to land the Heisman winner, one analyst had an eyebrow-raising take on just how valuable Williams is at the next level.

Appearing on The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Fox Sports’ Nick Wright said he believes Williams is already one of the five most valuable quarterbacks in the world… even ahead of superstars like Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson.

“If every NFL player and college player was available, Mahomes goes No. 1, there’s some debate over who goes No. 2, and Caleb goes before everyone other than maybe three people,” Wright said. “This is not disrespectful. He goes in a heartbeat before Hurts, before Lamar, before Tua [Tagovailoa], before Dak [Prescott]. He just does. And I would take him over [Justin] Herbert.”

Cowherd didn’t seem to disagree with the take, though he did add a few names like Herbert that he would take above Williams. Still, it’s insanely high praise for a quarterback who has yet to play a professional snap to be ranked above current MVP candidates. The hype went too far for most NFL fans, who mostly objected to Wright’s take.